Recreational marijuana has been legal in Colorado for years. However, many visitors to this state still don’t know or don’t understand the specific rules concerning smoking marijuana in quasi-public areas. Cabins and hotels, for instance, vary on if and where they allow recreational cannabis use. Here we go through everything you need to know when it comes to smoking marijuana in a hotel or cabin.

It depends on the establishment

According to state laws, hotels, cabins, and private rental properties are given a choice on whether or not they allow guests to consume marijuana at their establishment. In other words, some places may allow you to smoke, while others will not tolerate it. If the place you’re planning to stay at does allow recreational use of marijuana, then there are other rules that you’ll need to make sure you follow.

Just be careful of where you smoke

If the hotel or cabin you’re staying at does allow you to smoke, you need to be careful of where you smoke. Establishments won’t just let you smoke anywhere you want. Not only is it against state and federal law, but it’s also inconsiderate to other guests staying at the same establishment. Instead, you’ll have to book a smoking room with a private balcony, or you’ll have to go outside to the establishment’s designated smoking area.

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