The cannabis vacation industry is booming, and Colorado is at the forefront of this trend. So if you’re planning a visit, consider spending some time at one of these cannabis-inspired events.

Schedule a tour

Plenty of companies in Colorado offer cannabis-inspired tours, providing free and safe transportation to various pot-related activities around Colorado. One of those companies is Colorado Cannabis Tours which will pick up guests at the airport and will drive them to dispensaries and other 420-friendly locations.

Relax with cannabis spa treatments

A current trend spreading across Colorado is cannabis spa treatments. You won’t get high at these places, but you will experience the therapeutic benefits that are associated with cannabis, specifically cannabidiol (CBD). Indeed, CBD is linked to several health benefits, from decreased anxiety to pain relief, which is why these spa treatments specifically use CBD oil or lotion.

Puff and paint

Puff and paint classes are the same as wine and paint classes, except instead of drinking wine you’re smoking marijuana. These are great for people who want to tap into their creative side, or want to have a relaxing night at a painting class.

Take a cannabis cooking class

Painting not your thing? Why not take a cooking class? At cannabis cooking classes, you can learn how to make your own edibles such as hard candies or ice cream.

Stay at a 420-friendly lodge

Cannabis may be legal in Colorado, but that doesn’t mean you can smoke it anywhere. Smoking is prohibited in public places, and many hotels don’t allow it either (in fact, before you step foot in Colorado, you should become well familiar with our cannabis laws). Instead, book your vacation at a 420-friendly lodge like Eldora Lodge. Located in Golden, Colorado, you’ll have access to a designated cannabis smoking tipi which you can enjoy after spending your day along the Rocky Mountains. So what are you waiting for? Book your next visit today!