Discover Frozen Dead Guy Days In Colorado

Once a year, in the small town of Nederland, Colorado, the community comes together for an exciting affair referred to as Frozen Dead Guy Days. Though the name may sound odd, the celebration is nothing short of a good time. Eldora Lodge invites one and all to stay with us during this unique event in our cozy cabin rooms that are only a short drive away from the festival.

The Origin

The Frozen Dead Guy Days festivities got its name from, you guessed it, a frozen dead guy! A Norwegian man named Trygve had moved to the area in hopes of starting his own cryonics facility. Trygve brought his grandfather, Bredo to Nederland from Oakland, California to Bredo’s daughter, Aud. Bredo’s body was discovered, stored in Aud’s tuff shed, upon her eviction from the property and a new citywide ordinance was placed on the town with the exception of Bredo.

eldoraAfter Aud made the news with her frozen father in her shed, the odd celebration of Frozen Dead Guy Days emerged from the residents. Bredo still lies, frozen, in the cryonics facility that Trygve was able to create with Delta Tech in Nederland, CO. There have even been two movies made based on the story of Bredo along with several different fan flicks.

What You Can Find Today

Today, the celebration is nearly a week of festivities held every March. Fans and residents alike adorn themselves in costume as the frozen star. Participants can take part in look-alike contests, a slow-motion parade, coffin races, and more. Since its origin in 2002, the festival has since grown to a celebration attracting people from near and far. Enjoy music in the big tent with DJ’s sending music through headphones to attendees for a silent disco.

Experience It With Us!

Though the celebration is a bit of an odd one, it is truly one for the history books. Stay with us at Eldora Lodge for a festival celebration you will never forget. When springtime begins to thaw the Colorado mountains, come and honor the man on ice. Catch a glimpse of a man frozen in time as the Nederland area remembers the unique story for another year.

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