Lodge in Golden, CO Staying in a hotel can be fun for a few days. However, after a while, the walls in the average hotel room can start to close in on you and make you feel claustrophobic. So why not give yourself more space by staying in a cabin instead of a hotel during your next vacation? It’ll provide you with more than enough space and let you and your family spread out. Check out some of the other advantages of embracing cabin life below.

Provides you with more privacy

When you’re trying to relax on vacation, the last thing you want to hear is a screaming child walking down the hall first thing in the morning or a couple teenagers making a bunch of noise at night. Yet, that’s exactly what you’ll hear in a hotel. A cabin will provide you with way more privacy and cut down on all the extra noise. You might have one or two neighbors, but those who stay in cabins tend to be more respectful of those around them than those in hotels.

Offers you scenic views

Most cabins are located somewhere out in nature. As a result, they provide you with amazing views from every window in a cabin. You’ll be able to look out and see trees, mountains, lakes, wild animals, and more. You’ll also be able to step outside and breathe in fresh air whenever you want. You’ll love feeling like you’re one with nature when you’re spending time in a cabin. It’s an experience you won’t get at most hotels.

Costs about the same as a hotel

There are some people who worry that a cabin will cost significantly more than a hotel. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! Most cabins are right around the same price as hotels. They’ll also help you save money over the course of a week by providing you with a kitchen so that you can cook and avoid eating out.

Staying in a cabin beats staying in a hotel any day of the week. Come see for yourself by booking a cabin at Eldora Lodge. Call us at 303-642-7181 today to make a reservation.