If you’re eager to plan a getaway, you need to check out Colorado’s highly anticipated event, Frozen Dead Guy Days. This unique and quirky event takes place March 13th-15th in the Colorado mountain town of Netherland. Here’s everything you need to know about the event before attending!


History of Frozen Dead Guy Days

The name of this event sounds shocking, but it has significant meaning and relevance. In 1989, Norway public official, Bredo Morstol, passed away from a heart condition. With hopes that one day they’d find a cure to Morstol’s heart condition, his grandson had Morstol’s body preserved. His frozen body is kept in a Tuff Shed in Netherland, Colorado.


Now people come from around the world to celebrate the legacy of “Grandpa Bredo.” It’s truly a dead man’s party! The celebration started in 2002 and this year will be the 19th anniversary.


What There is to Do at Frozen Dead Guy Days?

This event brings the entire Colorado community together through unique events, live music, and tasty treats. For starters, 30 live bands play under three heated tents throughout the weekend. Guests can also enjoy craft beers and other alcoholic beverages, as well as craft dishes to enjoy. Tickets for all three music tents are only $25 a day!


If you’re feeling free-spirited, there are some nontraditional events you can participate in too! Guests can expect to see coffin racing, costumed polar plunging, ice turkey bowling, human foosball, frozen salmon tossing, and others! These events guarantee a fun time filled with laughter. Plus, they are free to watch!


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Where You Should Stay

If you want to experience an event like no other, start planning your trip to Colorado and attend Frozen Dead Guy Days. As you plan your trip, consider staying at Eldora Lodge! We are a centrally located Bed and Breakfast Lodge just about 40 minutes away from the event. Enjoy all the festival activities and come back to a Lodge that will accommodate all your needs. Call us at (303) 642-7181!